Fafnir - Hugin og Munin (CD)

Fafnir - Hugin og Munin (CD)

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Italian artist FAFNIR presents their debut release Hugin og Munin, a majestic work which blends addictive pagan black metal and soothing folk melodies. Drawing inspiration from the legend of the ravens found on the front artwork, FAFNIR mix the heaviness of metal with the lithe of acoustics and female vocals. A spectacular first effort certain to find respect among the discerning pagan enthusiast.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. IX Passo
  3. Radh
  4. Hugin og Munin (Pensiero e Memoria)
  5. Stadha
  6. Teiwaz
  7. Fafnir
  8. Outro