Falkenbach - Heralding: The Fireblade (2021 Reissue) (LP)

Falkenbach - Heralding: The Fireblade (2021 Reissue) (LP)

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FALKENBACH were originally conceived as a solo-project by Vratyas Vakyas and officially came into being with the Læknishendr demo in 1995. With the fourth full-length, Heralding - The Fireblade (2005), the German released material that was originally intended for the debut album, but due to production issues got delayed and later re-worked. This meant a somewhat hybrid album that to the delight of their early fans had more of the black spirit of the legendary first full-length ...En their medh riki fara... (1996), but also featured the matured pagan metal sound, which FALKENBACH had gained over the course of the following two albums.


Track listing

  1. Heathen Foray
  2. ...of Forests Unknown...
  3. Hávamál
  4. Gjallar
  5. Roman Land
  6. Heralder
  7. Læknishendr
  8. Walkiesjar
  9. Skirnir