Falkenbach - ...magni blandinn ok megintiri... (2021 Reissue) (LP)

Falkenbach - ...magni blandinn ok megintiri... (2021 Reissue) (LP)

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FALKENBACH were originally conceived as a solo-project by Vratyas Vakyas and officially came into being with the Læknishendr demo in 1995. When FALKENBACH's second album ...Magni blandinn ok megintíri... appeared in 1998 it offered a refined, matured and more melodic continuation of the blackened pagan metal style that took influences from both BATHORY and the second wave of Nordic black metal, which the German multi-instrumentalist had established two years earlier on the debut full-length ...En their medh riki fara... (1996). ...Magni blandinn ok megintíri... is widely considered to be an important milestone of its genre.


Track listing

  1. ...When Gjallarhorn Will Sound
  2. ...Where Blood Will Soon Be Shed
  3. Towards the Hall of Bronzen Shields
  4. The Heathenish Foray
  5. Walhall
  6. Baldurs Tod