Fall of the Idols - Ascension: 2000-2007 (CD)

Fall of the Idols - Ascension: 2000-2007 (CD)

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Compilation of early tracks by Finnish doom metal band FALL OF THE IDOL!
Eleven songs selected by the band as the best songs from their early period. Spanning the earliest demos up until the time of their debut album.
Booklet includes remarks by the band about each track.


Track listing

  1. Burnt
  2. In the Mires
  3. Cruelty Without Beauty
  4. Per Aspera Ad Aspera
  5. Crawl Back in My Hole
  6. Halls of the Forgotten
  7. The Walk
  8. Beneath the Burning Sun
  9. Ascension
  10. Empire
  11. The Pathway (live)