Falloch - Where Distant Spirits Remain (CD)

Falloch - Where Distant Spirits Remain (CD)

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Folk metal / post rock hybrid from Glasgow. Where Distant Spirits Remain is the debut album from 2011.


Track listing

  1. We Are Gathering Dust
  2. Beyond Embers and the Earth
  3. Horizons
  4. Where We Believe
  5. The Carrying Light
  6. To Walk Amongst the Dead
  7. Solace


Fans of Alcest, Empyrium, Agalloch and all such bands similar could definitely do a lot worse than to check this out. Weathered, airy post-rock influenced folk metal which utilizes seamless transitions between the harsh distorted wash and the serene calm. The folk passages are presented with tact and authenticity unlike so many of those plastic European ‘folk' metal bands. Sit back and let Where Distant Spirits Remain seep through your veins. It may not be instant, but when it does finally settle, it'll be worth it. - 5/5