Fangorn - Where the Tales Live On (CD)

Fangorn - Where the Tales Live On (CD)

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Russian folk metal incorporating wider influences than most bands, including power metal, ethnic and new age music. Traditional instruments are used throughout. Booklet includes english lyrics.


Track listing

  1. Everything's Just Begun
  2. Stormbringer
  3. Miles Away from Home
  4. Siren's Island
  5. The Road to Stonehenge
  6. Swamp Feast
  7. Smoldering Fire
  8. Where the Tales Live On
  9. "Troll's Hole" Inn
  10. Sword of Discord (The First Sword)
  11. Last Way


Stormbringer is an nice solid track, which has Finnish folk-elements besides the symphonic elements. It's a little bit in the style of bands like Ensiferum and Turisas, without sounding like them. And indeed when I'm looking at the album information it turns out to be mixed in Finland, and this can be heard at once. - 4/5