Farscape - For Those Who Love to Kill (LP)

Farscape - For Those Who Love to Kill (LP)

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Collects two EPs, live tracks and the first FARSCAPE demo!

For Those Who Love To Kill (EP, 2007), Thrash Until You Drop (EP, 2005), Doctrine Sickness (Demo, 2001), Killers on the Stage (Live).


Track listing

  1. Mercenary Love's House
  2. Billy the Butcher
  3. Church of Golden Lies
  4. Politicians (The Exploited cover)
  5. Thrash Until You Drop
  6. Electric Fist
  7. 666 on Your Grave
  8. Doctrine Sickness
  9. Hatebreed
  10. Captivity of Souls
  11. Bizarre Sex Machine
  12. Eternal Suffering of Flesh
  13. Bonebreaker
  14. Carrasco Do Metal
  15. Sacrifice (Sacrifice cover)