Fhoi Myore - Fhoi Myore (CD)

Fhoi Myore - Fhoi Myore (CD)

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Furious black metal, sylvan and martial! Influenced by the old GORGOROTH and Finnish scene while remaining within a French epic spirit.


Track listing

  1. Drum & Horn
  2. I'm the Master of Hounds
  3. Caer Malhod
  4. Errances
  5. Sreng of the VII Swords
  6. The One Eyed
  7. Forest
  8. My Blood Is Made of Sap
  9. Linceul glacial - Gaynor
  10. Songes funestes


The truth is, though, that Fhoi Myore have found a whole new way to break with the genre's notoriously tight conventions: giving their gift for melody a backbone of genuine aggression and capturing it all in a totally novel way. A truly outstanding release. - 5/5