Folkheim - Mapu Ni Tiam (Digipak CD)

Folkheim - Mapu Ni Tiam (Digipak CD)

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Epic Chilean folk / pagan metal!


Track listing

  1. Konu (Intro)
  2. Illkun
  3. Chaka
  4. En fronteras ajenas (Quillasuyo)
  5. Vaai Honga Kaina
  6. Vai-Heva
  7. Zeuman (Outro)
  8. Cherubic Anguish
  9. Seraya / An Elegy for Iscariot
  10. A Night Discharged of All Care...


If you are into epic folk melodic black metal, you can't miss it... Apart from the brilliant music Mapu Ni Tiam is released in a wonderful 6-panel digipak with amazing artwork and a 16-page booklet with all the lyrics. - 5/5