Forbidden - Forbidden Evil (2008 Reissue) (LP)

Forbidden - Forbidden Evil (2008 Reissue) (LP)

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FORBIDDEN was originally known as FORBIDDEN EVIL, under which name they recorded several demo tapes. The band's name was changed to simply FORBIDDEN to prevent the band from being stereotyped as a black metal band. Forbidden Evil is also the name of their first official album, which was released in 1988. The line-up (until 1989) was Russ Anderson (vocals), Craig Locicero and Glen Alvelais (guitars), Matt Camacho (bass) and Paul Bostaph (drums). In 1989, Glen Alvelais left the band (joining Testament some years later), his spot filled by Tim Calvert. They released their second studio record Twisted Into Form, which had a moodier feel than their debut, with some "depressing" / doom metal touches. Internal problems in the band caused a line-up change once again, with drummer Paul Bostaph (who left, only to receive a call a day later asking to take over from Dave Lombardo in SLAYER) replaced by Steve Jacobs. After this, FORBIDDEN released two more albums; however, with no real label support, the band disintegrated after the albums Distortion and Green. In 2001, FORBIDDEN reformed as a one-off for Chuck Billy's Thrash of the Titans benefit concert, under their original name Forbidden Evil.


Track listing

  1. Chalice of Blood
  2. Off the Edge
  3. Through Eyes of Glass
  4. Forbidden Evil
  5. March into Fire
  6. Feel No Pain
  7. As Good as Dead
  8. Follow Me


...a young band in their prime, still full of fight and unfettered by expectations or the label problems that would plague them the rest of their career. Most of the album is pretty standard thrash, albeit with a hellbent fury foreign to most of the San Fran wannabe bands, but on three tracks: the title cut, "Follow Me" and the explosive "Through Eyes of Glass" Forbidden combined their thrash attack with a power-metal riff and vocal sensibility to create an electrifying hybrid sound which they completely failed to capitalize on in future albums. - 5/5