Forgotten Path - Issue 3 (Zine) Forgotten Path - Issue 3 (Zine)

Forgotten Path - Issue 3 (Zine)

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Winter 2011.

Interviews with: Shining, Loits, Bestial Raids, Antichrist/Dead Center Prods, Enslaved, Luctus, Keep of Kalessin, Graveland, Code, Empty, Supremacy Through Intolerance, Strix, Animus Mortis, Teloch, Lebensessenz.

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Forgotten Path is an effort to resurrect some old traditions, a spirit that has been disremembered for some time. It is the way that we believe in and try to follow it. For that reason "Forgotten Path Magazine" is our main goal and devotion.
Today, when internet and informational technologies have conquered each corner of our daily life, we feel that there's a demand to create something more worthy of your emotions. Something that requires a lot of work, passion and patience, but gives an unmeasured satisfaction. More over, it brings back the old spirit - the underground, where Black Metal should always be.
Black Metal is one of the most controversial fields - one wrong step and you'll turn from reality to circus. We see that it has lost its concept, its idea, its core and roots. This magazine is an effort to get back to where it started - the IDEA. No, we do not deny the evolution of BM - we do not scorn different derivatives, we simply say - let's get back to where it all started. Remember - the concept, the thought, the emotion and the idea - these aspects are the foundation of Black Metal.