Forgotten Woods - Race of Cain (CD)

Forgotten Woods - Race of Cain (CD)

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The third FORGOTTEN WOODS album!


Track listing

  1. Race of Abel (Intro)
  2. One Day
  3. A Landmine Reprisal
  4. Intolerance Is the New Law
  5. Jedem das Seine / Erasing the Fuckhead Majority
  6. Here, in the Obsession
  7. The Principle and the Whip
  8. Nightly Paradise
  9. Third Eye (New Creature)


It recalls the enthusiasm of early black metal, just as it recalls the violence of history. However, it is not at all pretentious. Forgotten Woods adhere to simplicity without being unoriginal. “Race of Cain” assumes something between a jester costume and knee-high military boots. - 4/5