Foscor - Groans to the Guilty (CD)

Foscor - Groans to the Guilty (CD)

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FOSCOR return with ten monumental songs for their third studio album of depressive, deep and inmense black metal. A cruel fall into the emotional side of music. The band have carved a huge worldwide following due their own style and high quality compositions. For fans of bands from SHINING to EMPEROR.


Track listing

  1. Groans to the Guilty
  2. The Amber Nest
  3. In Case the Seasons Break
  4. Raids to Punishment
  5. L'hivern per a les muses
  6. La incertesa del plaer
  7. La vetlla
  8. 'Till Water Mirrors Couldn't See
  9. Searching a Seal of Pain (The Beauty)
  10. Melangia


Foscor should be a clearly shaped term, at the latest since the homage to Katatonia, and facing the then quality of the contributions it shouldn't be astonishing, if even the current album could be associated with a higher standard. Though, it's an extremely exhausting path which leads to this assumed insight. - 4/5