Foscor - The Smile of the Sad Ones (CD)

Foscor - The Smile of the Sad Ones (CD)

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FOSCOR performs amazing black metal in the Northern tradition which will appeal to fans of EMPEROR, ENSLAVED, KEEP OF KALESSIN or CODE. Expect black metal of the highest calibre.


Track listing

  1. Sot endins
  2. The Smile of the Sad Ones
  3. Life's Death Code
  4. El palau dels plors
  5. The Shame and the Spectre
  6. L'ombra de l'addició
  7. Gebre
  8. ...i tornà de les cendres
  9. Narrow Is the Path to Darkness


Musically Foscor could appeal to fans of Katatonia or even Emperor. With "The Smile Of The Sad Ones" Foscor have created what could possibly be one of my favourite album of 2007. I've knocked 0.1 off the final score since I believe that while this album is of an incredibly high quality it could still be improved upon (don't ask me how though!). This would be an excellent addition to any Metal collection. - 5/5