Frostmoon Eclipse - The Legacy (CD)

Frostmoon Eclipse - The Legacy (CD)

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Compilation of rare material. Includes tracks from "Life is Fading Away..." MCD 04, "Revenge in Scorn" EP 00, "Supreme Triumph in Black" MCD 99, a TIAMAT cover (Cold Seed), a CATHEDRAL cover (Imprisoned in Flesh) and four previously unreleased live tracks recorded in Verona, Italy, 2008.

CD comes packed in a DVD case.


Track listing

  1. Black Hole Nemesis
  2. When Time Consumes the Flesh
  3. A Death to Share
  4. Lurking in the Forgotten Kingdom of Buried Sorcery
  5. Son of Scorn
  6. Cold Silvery Eye MCMXCIX
  7. In Decay They Fall
  8. Prelude to Nocturnal Eternity (Into a Velvet Insane Dream)
  9. Shadowdream of Autumn
  10. Winternight Evil Cold
  11. Cold Seed (Tiamat cover)
  12. Imprisoned in Flesh (Cathedral cover)
  13. I Hate the Future (live)
  14. Violating the Obvious (live)
  15. Where No Light Burns (live)
  16. Blindness (live)