Frostwork - Lore of Winter (Ealdspell) (CD)

Frostwork - Lore of Winter (Ealdspell) (CD)

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The debut full length of England's FROSTWORK consists of eight tracks of raw yet atmospheric and intense black metal, encapsulating the winter season and the Northern landscape. Moving between slower, moodier pieces to fast unrelenting assaults, FROSTWORK never compromises its artistic integrity and purpose.



...the lovely, bold, narrative acoustic guitar of Cast From His Wings (co-written with Heathen Deity colleague Azrael), the incredible additions of samples to When Raven Claws the Sky and The She Wolf, the English black metal heritage that runs through much of the guitar work, my sheer joy that atmospheric or ambient black metal can be created that's a totally different kettle of fish to old Vikernes and his clones... but I can tell no more. You'll have to wait until this album finds a rightful home, and trip down its coldly phantasmic paths for yourself. - 5/5