Fruset Rike - Skymningstid (CD)

Fruset Rike - Skymningstid (CD)

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Official debut CD of this Swedish band. Eight tracks of fast, cold and devastating Black Metal in a vein totally old school. FRUSET RIKE will transport you to the best times of the early Nordic scene, but adding his amazing personal touch to the proposal. An excellent blend of the aggressiveness and evilness of the purest Black Metal combined with some epic passages and atmospheres as icy as the wild nature of the North.


Track listing

  1. Du mörka natt
  2. Konungsblot
  3. Från tornet...
  4. Ett sken i det gamla röset
  5. När daggen blir till frost
  6. Vintergryning
  7. Permafrost
  8. Fruset rike