Funeral Bitch - The Demos (CD) Funeral Bitch - The Demos (CD)

Funeral Bitch - The Demos (CD)

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Funeral Bitch recorded two demos with me and we split up. I liked the arrangements of this music, because more Punk ideals were prevalent in the music.
- Paul Specklmann

KILLER early death metal with Paul Speckmann (MASTER, DEATH STRIKE) on bass and vocals. Contains their only material, recorded 1987-1988 in Chicago.


Track listing

  1. Funeral Bitch
  2. Last Laugh
  3. McMac Attack
  4. Fraudulent Fools
  5. Omega Man
  6. False Prophets
  7. Out of Space
  8. Chest, Breast, Molest
  9. The Truth


All fans of early Death Metal, Crossover and Swedish Death Metal will enjoy this release more than a lot... - 5/5