Funeral Elegy - Vicious and Cruel Symphony (CD)

Funeral Elegy - Vicious and Cruel Symphony (CD)

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Collects everything (except cover songs) recorded by FUNERAL ELEGY - the two demos and the final rehearsal demo which was also released as a split with SARGEIST in 2004.

This is the last symphony as FUNERAL ELEGY for their own. All demo materials and live recordings are included. Vicious and cruel sounds belong to later HAKUJA.


Track listing

  1. Dropped on Inferna
  2. Black Desire
  3. Baal
  4. Dew of Blood
  5. Black Sunrise
  6. Gloomy Highland
  7. Distress
  8. Black Sunrise
  9. Gloomy Highland
  10. Dropped on Inferna
  11. Black Desire
  12. Baal
  13. Dew of Blood
  14. Gloomy Highland