Funeral Mist - Deiform (CD)

Funeral Mist - Deiform (CD)

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New album from FUNERAL MIST! Deiform exhibits a completely different approach to sound production. Nevertheless, from the first song to the last, the source of this multi-layered madness is unmistakable; all the classic FUNERAL MIST characteristics are present. Ambitious interludes which are impressive compositions in their own right. Innovative use of various samples which become a living, breathing part of the music. And frenzied oration delivered by what many believe to be the best and most versatile vocalist in black metal. All culminating in spiritual violence in its crudest form. Deiform is a holistic experience, in the sense that music, art, and photography - all deriving from the project's mastermind, D Rostén. For fans of MARDUK, ANTAEUS, DEATHSPELL OMEGA, MAYHEM.


Track listing

  1. Twilight of the Flesh
  2. Apokalyptikon
  3. In Here
  4. Children of the Urn
  5. Hooks of Hunger
  6. Deiform
  7. Into Ashes