Funeral Moth - Dense Fog (Digipak CD) Funeral Moth - Dense Fog (Digipak CD)

Funeral Moth - Dense Fog (Digipak CD)

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1st album of Japanese extreme doom. Eerie melodies by 2 guitars and 6 string bass guitar. Extremely slow rhythm and contrast of dark tranquillity and extreme aggression. Here's 4 songs, about 74 minutes of extreme doom that should be so! Justin Hartwig from Mournful Congregation contributed excellent lead guitar.


Track listing

  1. Blindness
  2. Behind the Closed Door
  3. Dense Fog
  4. Kill Yourself


...Funeral Moth is a band like no other: this is an open window on the far East. The codes are known, but they are transcended by such a typical oriental vision that a listen to this album is like an open door to a foreign and strange mental landscape. Therefore, the music, as simple and spare as it can be, remains a very powerful conveyor of exoticism, and the encounter is absolutely fascinating. - 5/5