Funeral Throne - Nihil Sine Diabolvs (CD)

Funeral Throne - Nihil Sine Diabolvs (CD)

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Debut album from this Birmingham based trio. Nihil Sine Diabolvs finally allows Funeral Throne to mark their territory as one of the most radical black metal acts out there! This is total black metal slaughter! For fans of MAYHEM, DIMMU BORGIR, GORGOROTH, MARDUK etc.


Track listing

  1. Summoning
  2. Dark Moon Ritual
  3. Curse of Insomnolence
  4. Black Revelations of a Victorious Apocalypse
  5. Soulless Eternity
  6. From the Frozen North
  7. Lord of the Black Moon
  8. Summoned by Infernal Winds
  9. The Release


...some of the best Black Metal to have risen from our very own shores that I've encountered, and the time spent seeking out this album will undoubtedly be worthwhile from the very moment the black miasma of their music first hits your eardrums. Exceptional Black Metal art. - 5/5