Fyrnask - Bluostar (CD)

Fyrnask - Bluostar (CD)

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...only our husks are here. The skies above us are frost. Even the stars here shrivel with coldness.
Only shadows on gaunt horses that cross the empty landscapes with empty bellies and quivers full, and their eyes full of envy and hate.
We are left to wander at the worlds dizzying edges..."

Musically, Bluostar can be best described as a combination of classic black metal rooted from the harsh landscapes of Northern Europe together with an eerie ambience which can be only witnessed in the darkest rites from primeval times.
To quote a reference, FYRNASK's debut is a perfect mixture of PAYSAGE D'HIVER and FAUNA!

Mastered by Mell Dettmer in Aleph Studio, US. (Sunn O))), EARTH, BORIS, etc). 4pp digisleeve with 12pp full-color booklet


Track listing

  1. At fornu fari
  2. Evige stier
  3. Eit fjell av jern
  4. Ein eld i djupna
  5. Die firnen Tiefen
  6. Bergar
  7. Ins Fenn
  8. Bluostar
  9. O O O


The keen sense of melody and the balance between the ambience and black metal is what makes Fyrnask stand out from the crowd. I don't even mind the ambient tracks, and see them more as interludes of great virtue to the overall impact of the album. There are tons of wicked riffing to be heard, be it the moments of dissonance in Ein eld i djupna or the warm embrace of the melodies of Ins Fenn, there's not a moment that doesn't bear weight. The occurrences of choirs, the breakdowns into ambience, the variation in drum patterns; it all adds up to a magnificently atmospheric release. The latter of the mentioned songs carry all the trademarks of Bluostar, and do so in a fantastic manner, making it one of the most interesting tracks on the album. - 4/5