Galgenberg - Blutgrund / Galgenberg (Digipak CD)

Galgenberg - Blutgrund / Galgenberg (Digipak CD)

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GALGENBERG only had two releases, and both are collected on this CD (their split with DER STURMER was material from the self-titled mini album). Blutgrund and Galgenberg was both released by Dark Blaze Stronghold. Blutreinheit re-released Galgenberg on tape in the mid-2000's.

Members came from the Polish underground and had a longer history, stretching back to the early nineties.


Track listing

  1. Segeth Weisheit Imperium
  2. Blasphemie Kunst
  3. Blutgrund
  4. Galgenberg
  5. In Ewigkeit Aufgehangt
  6. Brandstatte der Harmonie
  7. Relikt
  8. Fatum
  9. Blasphemer (Sodom cover)