Geisha - Mondo Dell'Orrore (CD)

Geisha - Mondo Dell'Orrore (CD)

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Devouring/rebirthing the concept of "noise rock" into something frighteningly beautiful and brutally heavy, GEISHA deliver crushing blasts of impossibly hyperdistorted rock baked in massive frequency overload and massive hooks and melodies and sinister crushing riffs, all of it slathered in filthy throbbing feedback and white noise horror holocaust, like the early 90's alt rock of Isn't Anything-era MY BLOODY VALENTINE and DINOSAUR JR. mashed together with the most brutal sort of Unsane/Am Rep style racket and distortion-drenched psych/noise into a sludgy metallic mass, jamming with a small army of pedal-smashing harsh electronics troglodytes playing awesomely catchy/crushing pop songs buried beneath a hellish storm of skree and amp-blowing fuzz. Terrifying. Beautiful.


Track listing

  1. How to Kill a Career
  2. (Sevensevenseven)
  3. Walt
  4. Lesopolosa
  5. Accidents
  6. Bondage Death
  7. Riddle
  8. Love Them From Reich Here, Reich Now
  9. Geisha Vs. Mechachrist
  10. Letterbombs From Lesbians