Geist - Der Ungeist (CD)

Geist - Der Ungeist (CD)

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GEIST is a black metal project that combines black art with the eternal madness that accompanies our very existence as human beings. "Der Ungeist" delivers sickening twisted black metal that's powered by torture vocals and desperate atmosphere. This seven tracks album comes straight from the miserable pits of insanity and was based on the idea that the whole thing must be recorded once, live and without any revisions or refinements. Conversely, everything was performed on electronic instruments. This expresses the conflict between cold and dirty mechanics and the classical emotional melody that they lean on - A battle between two edges of madness inside the "Der Ungeist" mind. Recommended to fans of URFAUST, ONDSKAPT, LIFELOVER, COLDWORLD...


Track listing

  1. Mord
  2. Von Blut
  3. Der Walt
  4. Tot
  5. Northern Pride
  6. Der Ungeist
  7. Taub


This is a fairly short album at just 35 minutes in length but it means that it is one that the listener will find themselves quickly identifying with and coming back for repeated spins. If you like cold classic and orthodox Norske Svart sounding blackness this is a pretty great discovery from a very unlikely place. Might want to consider a name change though! - 4/5