Germ - Wish (CD)

Germ - Wish (CD)

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Latest album from GERM, the solo project of Tim (AUSTERE, GREY WATERS, ex-WOODS OF DESOLATION, ex-NAZXUL).


Track listing

  1. An Overdose on Cosmic Galaxy
  2. Asteroid of Sorrow
  3. Oxygen
  4. Breathe in the Sulphur / A Light Meteor Shower
  5. Gravity
  6. Flowers Bloom and Flowers Fall, but I'm Still Waiting for the Spring
  7. Infinity
  8. Your Smile Mirrors the Sun
  9. Wish


Pretty much everything on here is brilliant. Formalistically speaking, this album is about as far removed from traditional Black Metal as possible, yet the essence is the same. This is the sound Black Metal unbound. - 5/5