Gestank - Dedicated to Total Devastation (CD)

Gestank - Dedicated to Total Devastation (CD)

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Collects all GESTANK recordings to this date: Anti-Aesthetic Warfare (Demo, 2017), Hail Intoxication (Demo, 2017), Rathymns (Demo, 2018).


Track listing

  1. Maggotshrine
  2. Whores
  3. Hail Intoxication
  4. Coma-introducing Black Metal
  5. Swirling Rage
  6. The Bewitching Scent of Decay
  7. Living the Total Negation
  8. Nothing Left but This All Consuming Scorn
  9. To Rule over the Waste Land
  10. Contemptuous Shed Art
  11. Puke Breath