Ghast - May the Curse Bind (CD) Ghast - May the Curse Bind (CD)

Ghast - May the Curse Bind (CD)

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May the Curse Bind is GHAST's debut album, a record that will bring them much deserved attention. The power Ghast evoke on this album can not go unnoticed and once experienced will not be forgotten.
No band has collided Doom and Black Metal into such a crushing and bleak recording, elevated by colossal production from Muscle Studios (Hateful Abandon, Salute). As crushing and morbid as it is fierce and aggressive! Ghast's sound, built up from the early Souldust demos is now crystallized on CD and presented for your agony.
Five long tracks, 43 minutes.


Track listing

  1. Crawl, Blighted and Afraid
  2. Give Your Wrists
  3. Evoke Spiritless Hell
  4. Pale Robe
  5. Hexed Under Moon


Ghast are at their best during opener "Crawl, Blighted And Afraid", a nefarious and despicable track that will have genre wannabes running for the exit. This is the kind of music that would make your grandmother weep, and good on them; "Give Your Wrists" evokes the deepest human despair, and that's exactly what this style can do when done well. Every track here is a muddy epic, with the cavernous "Hexed Under Moon" seeing us out. As a trio, Ghast manage to create a bottomless atmosphere that brings to mind murderous deeds, making May The Curse Bind a record that disturbs as well as excites. The UK has had a pitiful metal scene for too long now; at least now we have monsters like Ghast in our arsenal. - 4/5