Ghast - Terrible Cemetery (CD) Ghast - Terrible Cemetery (CD)

Ghast - Terrible Cemetery (CD)

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Terrible Cemetery! The highly anticipated follow-up to GHAST's 2008 debut LP May the Curse Bind. Recorded in one day, August 15th 2009, at The Compound (SALUTE, HATEFUL ABANDON), GHAST deliver another punishing fusion of old school black metal and colossal doom!
Terrible Cemetery features two tracks, "O Akhea Rheon" - a song originally recorded as SOULDUST in 2006, and the twenty-minute title-track opus.
Features artwork by vocalist / guitarist Arrrrrrrach.


Track listing

  1. O Akhea Rheon
  2. Terrible Cemetery


...embracing the dolorous tempos and bleakly colourful tonality of the depressive end of black metal, losing any touch of doom at all, though retaining that signature gloomy sound. Eight and a half minutes in, we slide precipitously into an almost tearful depression, heavy, ugly guitars assuming an unexpectedly emotional melodic shape. It reminds me of Nargaroth's Seven Tears are Flowing to the River. - 5/5