Ghold - PYR (Digipak CD) Ghold - PYR (Digipak CD)

Ghold - PYR (Digipak CD)

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Sonic thickness, frantic dizzying energy and shattering immediacy, penetrated by despondent howls and an uncompromising slice of remorselessness. Yet even the seasoned GHOLD fans will find something new here, as collaborative noises and instruments creep into their sound. On their third album, they have elevated their tectonic tonality to a level of innate expertise, with an evident sincerity that cannot be learned. Encased in a heavy exoskeleton, these compositions are at their heart achieving the special form of beauty that can only be conveyed by some special artists working in the medium of loud music, and their wide palette and strong instrumental bonds are the result of a fearless approach, drawing inspiration directly from themselves and their surroundings.


Track listing

  1. Collusion With Traitors
  2. Blud
  3. CCXX
  4. Despert Thrang