Gloria Diaboli - Gate to Sheol (CD)

Gloria Diaboli - Gate to Sheol (CD)

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Flesh awakens to the touch of an omniscient spirit. What are the fallacies of man, the wounds that never heal? Every breath opens the gates to everlasting judgement... and thus, the path to redemption is a singular one - the way of the Lord. GLORIA DIABOLI exists in pure servitude and surrender to the Devil. No obligation is greater, no sacrifice unsubstantiated in order to serve Him... in every imaginable prospect. Join us, and embrace His poison. With these opening words from GLORIA DIABOLI I give you the main musician / devotee from ex-GODLESS NORTH who has passed on the chalice of poison and formed GLORIA DIABOLI. A masterful debut for anyone who has a taste for a totally untraditional approach of orthodox black metal.


Track listing

  1. The Kingdom of Flesh and Decay
  2. Above as it is Below
  3. Gloria Diaboli
  4. Gate To Sheol
  5. Libation Unto He Who Dwelleth in the Depths
  6. Omega Throne
  7. Oh, Great Deceiver