Goat Semen - Ego Svm Satana (CD)

Goat Semen - Ego Svm Satana (CD)

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"Ego Sum Sathana" surges and gnashes with all the hellfire and hatred the continent's black/death is world renowned for, and yet the quartet imbibe all these traditions and spit them out nastier than ever. Song dynamics and even lengths range a surprising amount of ground for metal so hideous and maniacal; likewise, the production finds the right balance between raw and well-rounded. Through it all, however, the feeling of imminent implosion lurks around every dark 'n' diseased corner, chaos nearly taking hold and never losing its grip, whipping the listener into either a full-on frenzy or a state of perpetual tension. GOAT SEMEN laugh all the while, the masters taunting their servants, and "Ego Sum Sathana" summarily the execution the latter's begging for. If you were ever seeking the perfect combination of INRI, Black Force Domain, Aquelarre, Sexual Carnage, and Wicca...look no further.


Track listing

  1. Letanias de Satan - Intro
  2. Holocausto
  3. Genocidio
  4. Warfare Noise
  5. Revelaciones
  6. Altares de Pandemonium
  7. Madre Muerte
  8. Hambre, Peste, Guerra y Muerte
  9. Ego Svm Satana


Very much redolent of the nascent Scandinavian sound - and especially the likes of Bathory - but benefitting from the advances of modern technology, it is an unrelenting and unremitting assault of complete and total evil intent which summons forth all the true black metal gods and pays due cognisance and obeisance thereto. - 5/5