Goat Vulva - Goatvulva (LP)

Goat Vulva - Goatvulva (LP)

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Cult XXX metal with Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter (BEHERIT). CD collects:

Erotic Worship (Cassette, 1992)
Crucifixus (Demo)
Rehearsal '90 (Rehearsal Demo)
Blasphemous Sexfago (Demo, 1990)
Baphometal (Cassette, 1991)
Capella (Cassette, 1991)

Long an infamous name in underground circles, GOATVULVA formed in Finland in 1989 as a solo-project/side-distraction. With the band's creations booze-fueled and spur-of-the-moment, many recordings are rumored to exist, and dates of release are entirely speculative. However, it is with absolute authority that the legendary Blasphemous Sexfago demo came first, in 1990 - and fittingly so, its title furthering the inspiration/influence of Sarcofago's earliest (and best) works, and in effect serving as a secondary inspiration/influence for later legions delving into the deepest recesses of the bestial arts. That same year next brought Rehearsal '90, with a flurry of demos following the next few years: chronologically Baphometal, Capella, Crucifixus, and Erotic Worship, the first- and last-named also serving as unwitting influences many years later for those wishing to explore the gutter of bestial/experimental black-noise morbidity.
"GOATVULVA isn't a satanic group, but an XXX rated porno speed noise today," the band said in interview back in the early '90s, and indeed is that the weird 'n' wild world they inhabited for a preciously short time. Little to no deeper meaning existed across the entirety of their recordings: this was pure, puerile sonic desecration, the ultimate goal being utter oblivion and obnoxiousness. Of course, GOATVULVA were deadly serious in their unseriousness, and that can be fully felt across the 31 tracks and 53 minutes that comprise the long-overdue Goatvulva discography. References can certainly be made to other Finnish contemporaries at the dawn of the '90s, but then most of those can be circled back to GOATVULVA anyway. But with the proliferation of bestial metal in the past couple decades as well as still-thriving goregrind and noisecore scenes - as well as all the outsider/avant-garde connections that can be threaded through all three, such as the various recordings of Nandor Nevi - the arrival of these collected works is all too timely, and more relevant than ever.
Debase yourself before the porno throne of GOATVULVA!


Track listing

  1. Do Me Evil (Intro)
  2. Bitch Goddess
  3. Bizarre Dreams
  4. Midnight Suck Session
  5. Wanna Drill Your Black Hole
  6. Black Love
  7. Mmm, Wet & Juicy
  8. Nuclear Clitgame
  9. 69 Passion
  10. Crucifixus
  11. Mistress from Hades
  12. Nocturnal Blessing
  13. Blasphemous Sexfago
  14. Intromantic
  15. Undefiled Wisdom
  16. At the Gates of Fornication
  17. Black 666
  18. Satanic Sex
  19. Doglord of Impiety
  20. Intropic Pleasures
  21. Cats of Mortification
  22. Procreation of Black Goat
  23. Angel Vomit
  24. Sadomator
  25. B.M. Goat
  26. Evil Souls
  27. Let's Kill All!
  28. Unholy Captain
  29. Hate
  30. Bloodfire
  31. Dark Triumph