Goatblood - Veneration of Armageddon (CD)

Goatblood - Veneration of Armageddon (CD)

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Across 18 tracks in a swift 'n' salacious 37 minutes, GOATBLOOD explode forth with a pulsing, pestilent savagery from which there is no reprieve. It's dank and disgusting, dungeon-toned and treacherous, whipping the listener into a hellish, hallucinogenic trance. And yet, for however unrelenting all these songs are, Veneration of Armageddon retains a rare, ever-elusive catchiness, GOATBLOOD here nodding as much to nascent grindcore like early BLOOD, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, and DOOM as they do BLASPHEMY, BEHERIT, and ARCHGOAT.


Track listing

  1. Joseph's Brain (Intro)
  2. Shred the Threat
  3. Necroromantic Lovers
  4. Congregation of Suicidal Ceremony
  5. Excretion in a Red Burst
  6. Last Siege of Jerusalem
  7. Bum of Bethlehem
  8. Goatland Rules Supreme
  9. Mary's Happy Enema
  10. Grueling Forces Fisting Jesus
  11. Lamb Hymen Virgin Booster
  12. Sexcraving Witchcunt
  13. Collapse of Shitbowl Earth
  14. Ultimate Meltdown Imminent
  15. Satan Fucks the Universe
  16. Serpent of Nod
  17. Anorexic Goatchick
  18. Magda's Blood (Outro)