Goatess - Goatess (CD)

Goatess - Goatess (CD)

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Swedish cult doom metal vocalist Chritus Linderson (COUNT RAVEN, SAINT VITUS, TERRA FIRMA) has, after a few years off the grid, experienced a strong return to form in the new millennium. Best known nowadays for belting out classic doom metal at the helm of LORD VICAR, he has also been nurturing a more homegrown project which began under the working title WEEKEND BEAST and developed into GOATESS.

The concept was born from Niklas & Linderson's desire to, as opposed to the strictly structured doom metal of LORD VICAR, create music that is based on the atmosphere and the worship of the heavy riff. "It is basically the kind of music we would like the most to listen to ourselves", says Linderson, "Our sound is constantly under investigation, an ongoing process...What's there so far comes naturally when jamming at rehearsals and we'll just go with it until we are content."

GOATESS manage to carve a unique niche for themselves in the overpopulated doom metal scene by grabbing some doom influences, taking them out to the desert and throwing them to the melting pot with some repetitive stoner groove in the vein of SLEEP and KUYSS.


Track listing

  1. Know Your Animal
  2. Alpha Omega
  3. Ripe
  4. Full Moon at Noon
  5. Oracle Pt. 1: The Mist
  6. Oracle Pt. 2: The Oracle
  7. King One
  8. Tentacles of Zen