Goatlord - The Last Sodomy of Mary (CD)

Goatlord - The Last Sodomy of Mary (CD)

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A killer collection of early, very rare recordings from US legends GOATLORD!!

The first tracks on this compilation were recorded over 10 years ago after the first album and a tour with EXCRUCIATING PAIN. They were intended as the second LP but the band broke up and the songs were left to gather dust. In addition to these intended-for-album tracks are very rare live recordings and even two tracks "Unholy Black Slut" and "Sacrifice" presented here in their earliest recorded forms as played on a Las Vegas radio show!!

This CD marks the very end for GOATLORD, nothing else exists and there is no chance of a reunion. Complete the collection now.


Track listing

  1. Gargoyle King
  2. Strange Burial
  3. Gutaba
  4. Tribe of the Moon
  5. Slayed Necros - Sacrifice
  6. Unholy Black Slut
  7. The Black Cloth
  8. Black Pools of Darkness
  9. Stygian Void


What GOATLORD is up to, musically speaking, is something between the FWOBM with some aspects of earlier German Thrash Metal, with clear influences of SODOM's "In The Sign Of Evil" and "Obsessed By Cruelty", what is seen in many Black Metalworks from U.S. bands. But these guys knew what they were doing and playing, besides the band had to struggle against a bad sound quality. But some information that "Big Daddy" here could get says this is the rehearsals for the band's second album. The sound quality, as I said above, is very nasty sometimes. Of course in some moments it is good (in a Black Metal way), but in other ones, is pretty dirty and nasty, really seeming a rehearsal done in a time in the 90s. - 4/5