Goatoimpurity - Triumph of Darkness (CD)

Goatoimpurity - Triumph of Darkness (CD)

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Summoning the nekro aura of ancient blackness, GOATOIMPURITY channels the desecration and unpure devotion through its ceremonial and bestial death/black metal.
This goatical masterpiece brings 12 rites including "Metal of Death" BEHERIT's cover for the true worshippers of dark flame!!!

Import from Brazil. There is a small mark to a corner on each booklet, exactly the same on every copy.


Track listing

  1. Trascending to the Abyss
  2. Goatomancy
  3. Ceremonial Crucifixion
  4. Apophis (Serpent of Darkness)
  5. Sabbat of the Baphometical Trance
  6. Unholy Whisper
  7. Angel of Damnation
  8. Sadistic Goat (The Slayer)
  9. Golgotha Desecration
  10. Triumphant and Goatical
  11. Metal of Death (Beherit cover)
  12. Beyond Earthly Dimensions