Goatpenis - Jesus Coward (2019 Reissue) (LP)

Goatpenis - Jesus Coward (2019 Reissue) (LP)

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At last, the long-overdue and first-ever vinyl reissue of the final and most significant of the original three GOATPENIS demos from the early 1990s is unleashed. Jesus Coward, along with the debut album, Inhumanization, is widely considered to be among the very best of GOATPENIS's output. Pressed as a separate 12" in order to preserve the aesthetic integrity of each original release. Nothing new has been added to modernize the aesthetic, as had been done on previous reissues. Presented in the glory of their crusty ugliness, as they should be!


Track listing

  1. Intro (Napalm Kill)
  2. Necromegatons
  3. Jesus Coward
  4. Ziklon-B
  5. Final Atomic Battle
  6. Outro (Black Kaos)