Goatpsalm - Erset la Tari (CD)

Goatpsalm - Erset la Tari (CD)

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GOATPSALM, the jackyl-hyde quintessence, where malign currents of dark ambient undermine and swap desolate landscapes of death industrial, became aware of its potent powers in February 2009 by infesting the minds of Morkh (SICKRITES, PTOMAYNE EXT, IZAKARON), Horth (KARNA), Sadist (MISANTHROPIC ART, BAAL ZEBUTH, CHRIST INVERTION, CYBER BAPHOMET, DEATHMOOR, SS-18).


Track listing

  1. Utuk-Xul
  2. Bab-Illu
  3. Under the Trident of Ramanu