God Seed - I Begin (Digipak CD)

God Seed - I Begin (Digipak CD)

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GOD SEED's only album, digipak edition with bonus ambient tracks.


Track listing

  1. Awake
  2. This from the Past
  3. Alt liv
  4. From the Running of Blood
  5. Hinstu dagar
  6. Diversion 1
  7. Aldrande tre
  8. Lit
  9. The Wound
  10. Bloodline
  11. Diversion 2


What God Seed produces here is not your average black metal record, to be honest. There are some definitive Sahg-like moments, sparing the total foray into Sabbath-like riffs, interspersed with some ancient elements that certainly mix the bag a bit. Make no mistake, this is still black metal without that Gorgoroth speed and all-out assault on the senses, but that makes it no less vital and entertaining. - 4/5