God Seed - Live at Wacken (Digipak CD + DVD)

God Seed - Live at Wacken (Digipak CD + DVD)

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The Wacken performance was a reconstruction of the controversial Black Mass show from Krakow in 2004 filmed in a TV studio in Krakow, Poland. The band came under fire for violating Polish anti-blasphemy laws as well as Polish animal rights laws, resulting in a police investigation with allegations of religious offense and cruelty to animals. The band went free of all charges and at Wacken 2008 they recreated this legendary show in all its glory.


Track listing

  1. Procreating Satan
  2. Forces of Satan Storms
  3. Teethgrinding
  4. Carving a Giant
  5. A Sign of an Open Eye
  6. Wound upon Wound
  7. Godseed
  8. Of Ice and Movement
  9. Prosperity and Beauty