Gojira - Fortitude (CD)

Gojira - Fortitude (CD)

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Recorded and Produced by Joe Duplantier at Silver Cord Studio - GOJIRA's Ridgewood, Queens, headquarters - and mixed by Andy Wallace (NIRVANA, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), Fortitude is a collection of songs urging humanity to imagine a new world - and then make it happen. The band initially laid the foundation for Fortitude in 2020 with the surprise release of the single "Another World".


Track listing

  1. Born for One Thing
  2. Amazonia
  3. Another World
  4. Hold On
  5. New Found
  6. Fortitude
  7. The Chant
  8. Sphinx
  9. Into the Storm
  10. The Trails
  11. Grind