Gost - Possessor (LP) Gost - Possessor (LP)

Gost - Possessor (LP)

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The Satanic lord of slasherwave returns with his most extreme work to date. Possessor is an aggressive demolition of sound and spirit. Following 2016's massive concept album Non Paradisi, GOST is no longer carefully escorting the listener on a casual journey through Hell but dragging Hell to the listener and shoving it down their throat.
Possessor takes the perspective of the evil spirit during an exorcism - using trademark buzzsaw basslines, GOST hacks off the limbs of synthwave and leaves it bleeding in his wake. Marked by the demented sounds of the possessed and the panicked, amplified through blastbeats and utilizing GOST's own soothing vocals and tortured, other-worldly screams. This is not an album for the faint of heart.
A total mindfuck - the most nihilistic, experimental dance album ever recorded. A cross between ANAAL NATHRAKH and JUSTICE. Classic French house meets post punk meets horror films meets power electronics.


Track listing

  1. Possessor
  2. Garruth
  3. The Prowler
  4. Sigil
  5. Loudas Deceit
  6. Beliar
  7. Legion
  8. 16 A.M.
  9. Shiloh's Lament
  10. Malum
  11. Commandment