Goverla - Winter Storm (Хуртовина) (CD)

Goverla - Winter Storm (Хуртовина) (CD)

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GOVERLA formed in Western Ukraine in 2006, Winter Storm is the debut album recorded in 2008 at Rox studio, Lviv.
Pagan metal inspired by love for the motherland, hymns to Slavic gods, and worship of the forefathers.

When one's listening the album, images of Carpathians and theirs virgin forests never touched by humanity and immersed in the memory of bygone battles do appear.


Track listing

  1. Обряд
  2. Гімн Стрибогу
  3. Хуртовина
  4. Пам'яті Квортона
  5. У передчутті неминучих подій
  6. Правосуддя
  7. Шлях в потойбіччя
  8. Тризна