Grai - O Zemle Rodnoi (Our Native Land) (Digipak CD)

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New 2016 digipak reissue of GRAI's 2012 album.


Track listing

  1. Песнь о Земле Родной
  2. Пшеничная
  3. Зимняя сказка
  4. Весна
  5. Средь лесов
  6. Лешак
  7. Уходи далёко, горе
  8. Плач о долюшке
  9. Воин храбрый, Ясный сокол
  10. Вставай с колен
  11. В объятиях Мары


Grai is playing some of the most solid music I've heard in a long time in this genre, and if that's something that has been lacking in your life, look no further than Our Native Land. One big feeling I get from this band is that there are no stars, just an ensemble that loves creating music together. According to the press release, "Grai" is Russian for "the bird's cry" and these Russians certainly exhibit a connection to nature in their music. Flute-driven melodies are supported by the guitar (it's still metal, after all), making you feel like you stumbled upon a late afternoon gathering of some mountain- and forest-dwelling beings, who happily invite you into their circle. - 5/5