Gravewurm - Funeral Empire (CD)

Gravewurm - Funeral Empire (CD)

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Raw and primitive but black / death metal! 5th full-length album of this morbid metal cult (GRAVEWURM was formed back in 1990). This necromantical masterpiece is fucking recommended to all NUNSLAUGHTER, HELLHAMMER, early CIANIDE, PROFANATICA, SLAUGHTER but also COUNTESS and INQUISITION maniacs.


Track listing

  1. Foul Beasts of the Abyss
  2. Forged in the Fires of War
  3. The Plague Shall Spill Forth
  4. The Gates of Hell
  5. Vanguard of the Styxx
  6. Prepare the Coffin
  7. Enslaved Immortality
  8. Dragonflight
  9. Decree of Doom
  10. Tower of Shadows
  11. Nemesis Legion
  12. Hail the Victorious Dead
  13. Evil Blood
  14. Enter the Apocalypse
  15. Annihilation Declaration (Live)
  16. Nocturnal Inquisition (Live)
  17. Crown of the Fallen (Live)