Greifenstein - Von Inneren Welten (CD)

Greifenstein - Von Inneren Welten (CD)

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The debut 2008 album from Austrian pagan metal project GREIFENSTEIN (ARKAN - TIRIN KOR, DISMAL LUMENTIS and has written lyrics for SUMMONING).
GREIFENSTEIN defines itself as pagan black metal band along with more or less esoteric nature-connected lyrics, which are mainly about human feelings, thoughts and the eternal symbols like life and death, space and time, elements or nature.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Manifestation der Wirklichkeit
  3. Natürliche Selektion
  4. Erhabenheit
  5. Wintersonne
  6. Trachten nach dem Ursprung
  7. Melancholie
  8. Ewige Finsternis
  9. Greifenturm
  10. Dunkle Wälder
  11. Search for Asgard
  12. Finaler Ansturm