Grieve - Wolves of the Northern Moon (Digipak CD) Grieve - Wolves of the Northern Moon (Digipak CD)

Grieve - Wolves of the Northern Moon (Digipak CD)

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It was but 2020 when GRIEVE emerged from the darkness with their self-titled debut EP. Although otherwise meant to exist strictly in that darkness, it was soon discerned that the band included veritable Finnish black metal royalty within its ranks. Nevertheless, the swiftly uncompromising nature of GRIEVE was felt: northern black metal exclusively from the 1990s. No more, no less, no progression, no fun.
And then, at the dawn of 2020 came GRIEVE's first - and, at the time, final - album. Aptly titled Funeral, the record was a fiercely focused one, solely featuring funereal marches by V-Khaoz and last rites by Werwolf. Beyond cold, utterly grim, violent and restrained simultaneously, Funeral was a record out of time, one where the last couple decades of "black metal" never existed. And then GRIEVE ceased to exist.
But, obeying only nature and will, GRIEVE have arisen from their own self-imposed grave with the second full-length Wolves of the Northern Moon. "We said we'd end the project for good, but we lied," state the band about that grave. "We exhumed it." Indeed, the exhumation also includes a nastiness last found on such Nordic classics as Kronet til konge, Pentagram, Til evighet..., or even Black Thrash Attack. Essentially, then, GRIEVE's ethics have not changed (nor should they have to), but one can nonetheless find here a pronounced asskicking sensibility that adds further antagonization to trendy ears as well as a noble march to mystical victories. "Eternal Winter, Eternal War": These Wolves of the Northern Moon are on the hunt - and you're next!


Track listing

  1. Wolves of the Wintermoon
  2. Ancient Enemy of Life
  3. Twilight Woods
  4. Damnation nocturne
  5. Glacier
  6. Deep in the Ice-cold Mountains
  7. Eternal Winter, Eternal War
  8. The Dark Storm of Death