Grift - Fyra elegier (CD) Grift - Fyra elegier (CD)

Grift - Fyra elegier (CD)

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A monumental exploration of human insignificance and mortality! Four melancholic pieces inspired by a uniquely Swedish appreciation of death, with strong influence from the poetry of Johannes Edfelt, Pär Lagerkvist and Dan Andersson among others.

"Vad når mig väl i dödsminuten
för doft från livet utanför?

Står rymden frostigt månbegjuten,
når kroppen mellan lakan dör?"

Johannes Edfelts


Track listing

  1. Dödens dåd
  2. Förtappelsens folk
  3. Den fångne
  4. Bortgång


It's depressing, beautiful, and well crafted... It is really hard not to stop doing what you just was doing and just listen, paying full attention to the mesmerizing, cold and yet not dead track... Grift is sometimes as a Swedish version of Drudkh, and yes, Grift are also including poetical works in their songs. - 5/5